Sunday, December 11, 2005

When in our history

has there ever been such a disjunction between the majority of our 'leadership class' - journos, pundits and pols, including national Dems - and the majority of the American people?

The former flatter themselves with the conceit that they are fighting another WWII (with other peoples' kids). The latter know that we are stuck and getting stucker in another Vietnam.

As Barbara Tuchman pointed out so eloquently in her many books, men in possession of both great stupidity and great power can lead the rest of us into messes so intractable that there is no 'right', much less good, way out of them.

None of the options now available to us will allow us to feel good about ourselves in the end, because even when we try to do good our very presence will only fuck things up the more. We need to get out of a place where we never should have been. Bringing the criminals to justice who caused this war is now the only honor we can give the dead.

Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Let's Make Al Gore 'Inevitable'

While many wise heads in the blogosphere counsel against premature endorsement, I feel we Democrats need to impose our own brand of inevitability on the 2008 election before the msm and dlc get any more of a head start than we've already given them.

As we all know, Al Gore should have been president for the past five years. Imagine how different our world would be today if the SCOTUS had not staged a coup in 2000! No one is more aware of this than Gore himself. It's Gore who has been giving the well-reasoned, ballsey policy statements on the critical issues facing us today. It's Gore who opposed a pointless - now edging toward genocidal - war from the very start. Al Gore has taken the full measure of our enemy as has no other Democrat. Yes, let's make him inevitable. Let's make him president!